It is clear from various scientific studies on sleep (National Sleep Foundation; Mayo clinic; The National Sleep Research Project/abc) that there is benefit in taking a daily nap. 

The average healthy adult functions best with between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. The deepest sleep is before midnight.  

If we have restless or interrupted sleep, we start to notice it the following afternoon as our thinking and energy levels start to fade. 

Research into sleep hygiene and behaviour suggests a 20-30 minute nap before 3pm can enhance brain function, concentration and reflex time. Up to 90 minutes is healthy, although after a 30 minute sleep, you may wake feeling groggy. It is suggested not to nap too close to night time sleep as this can interfere with having a restful night of slumber.

At Body Stillness, our Sleep Pod has been created specifically so you can have a quiet moment or snooze after your treatment. It is ideal if you have some spare time to fill or if you just aren't ready to walk out the door straight away.

The Sleep Pod is visually private with a door you can close, there is a recliner with a foot stool, it has a heater, blankets, pillows, headphones and quiet sleep music playlist, or ear plugs. We also have a lovely herbal tea selection for you to enjoy. 

Try your first nap at no cost at a time that suits you.  

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We can't wait to give you a space to relax! 



As Summer reaches its peak in the Southern Hemisphere, we see the pinnacle of Yang reached and with it comes the capacity for transformation.
Like the sun itself, the season of Summer and the element of Fire shines light onto dark, brings warmth and movement, a sense of excitement and possibility, and the power to transform. Fire, as we know, can also be a swift destroyer.

In Oriental Medicine, the Heart (the Yin organ pertaining to this season and element) is considered the ruler or Emperor, omniscient and omnipresent. The Heart propels and circulates blood, enfolds our spirit (shen) and compassionate wisdom.

Helping to protect the Emperor is the partnered Yang organ, the Small Intestine, which filters, discerns and assimilates what is healthy for the whole and what is not.  The Fire meridians in particular can be sensitive to the climatic influence of heat, which is where after a hot summer some regular shiatsu can balance you through the seasons.

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(Information from Australian College of Shiatsu 'Seasons')



The Rising Energy of Spring time in Chinese medicine is known as the 'Tree-Phase' and is of The Wood Element. In the meridian system, our bodies have pathways that relate and activate in spring time. Liver and Gall Bladder meridians are affected from late August through to late November.

Wood element is an organising phase; it has qualities of inspiration, vision, aspiration, planning and initiative. The Tree-Phase represents the 'giving of images' and growth. Continuity will be present in our actions when the energy of wood is strong. If we tighten up too much from our schedules and organising we can become rigid, mentally driven and our inner meaning may be lacking.
The virtue of Wood Element is human kindness. Kindness and generosity renew our life with meaning; tolerance helps us to forgive those who have made us angry.

With an increase in energy, springtime is a fantastic time to move our bodies after the long dormancy of winter. Cleanse with activity as well as with juices and smoothies. Try new things and inspire our passion for living and experiencing.

A favourite pressure point (tsubo) of mine to help with all things spring is:

Liver 3:
located at the depression of where the big toes and second metatarsals meet, approximately 4cm proximal (toward the torso) of the toe webbing
Good for:
balancing Liver and Qi (energy); irritability; frustration; anger and emotional outbursts that are slow to cool down; weak digestion and alternating bowel movements (constipated/loose); toxicity of Liver from diet/lifestyle; general pain; sluggish metabolism/hormones; STRESS!
Spring can be the best time of year to receive treatment to reduce muscle aches and strain.

2 is better than 1: Catching up socially whilst exercising is a great way to meet 2 needs at once!

Happy Springing.




As summer leaves us behind, we are moving away from its expansive energies of the Fire element  and associated activities. Holidays, more social times with eating and drinking, adventuring and resting (in Oriental Philosophy).

As Autumn approaches our focus turns to the harvest. In our kitchen we can begin to use warmer and slower food preparation techniques which nourish and generate internal warmth. Utilise cooking methods such as broths, soups, casseroles, congee and roasts. Spices also have a strongly warming influence on our internal organs. Ginger, garlic, coriander and basil are fantastic for energising and shifting internal sluggishness that can settle in with the drop in external temperatures. Avoid cooling foods such as water straight from the fridge, ice cream, tofu, cucumber and bananas. While great for beating summer heat, in Autumn they can take away from the important digestive heat that gets us through the cooler months. 

The need to rug up is increasing. Our bodies burn more energy to stay warm. More warmth needs more food. Harvest, gather, store. These activities all set us up for the annual winter "hibernation".

Traditional Chinese Medicine views Autumn 'Earth Element' energy as contracting. Our behaviour and bodily functions are more inward in nature. Spleen and Stomach (or in western physiology -pancreas) are working harder to draw energy from our food and drink in order to increase circulation to our hands and feet.

It is vital in this season to nourish, nurture and shore up our reserves. We can be more vulnerable to immune system weakness if our stores are low. A brisk morning walk, 10 rounds of warming yoga sun salutations, infra-red sauna and bathing in warm water are all ways we can care for ourselves for the winter ahead.

In short, eat warmer foods and keep warm by being active.

The CranioSacral System

The CranioSacral System.

Quoted from Upledger CST 2 study guide, p.80.

 'Each person has a craniosacral rhythm. This is caused by the increase and decrease of cerebrospinal fluid produced and reabsorbed at a regular rate within and around the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). It is palpated with the hands. 

The subtle rhythm can be felt by a practitioner trained in CranioSacral Therapy. This regular rhythm (6-12 cycles per minute) can be felt all over the body. It is similar to the rhythms that can be felt when the pulse of the heart and respiration of breathing are evaluated.  

The craniosacral rhythm, when felt in different parts of the body, can be used to diagnose asymmetry or unbalanced motion. 

When unbalanced motion is found, especially when related to the head and sacrum, it suggests to the practitioner that normal body functions may be disturbed.  

When body functions are disturbed, symptoms may develop. A practitioner in CranioSacral Therapy can usually help the body reestablish balanced motion with gentle, subtle techniques, thus assisting the body to return itself to normal function.' 

Sound like something you might enjoy, if not benefit from?

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