As Summer reaches its peak in the Southern Hemisphere, we see the pinnacle of Yang reached and with it comes the capacity for transformation.
Like the sun itself, the season of Summer and the element of Fire shines light onto dark, brings warmth and movement, a sense of excitement and possibility, and the power to transform. Fire, as we know, can also be a swift destroyer.

In Oriental Medicine, the Heart (the Yin organ pertaining to this season and element) is considered the ruler or Emperor, omniscient and omnipresent. The Heart propels and circulates blood, enfolds our spirit (shen) and compassionate wisdom.

Helping to protect the Emperor is the partnered Yang organ, the Small Intestine, which filters, discerns and assimilates what is healthy for the whole and what is not.  The Fire meridians in particular can be sensitive to the climatic influence of heat, which is where after a hot summer some regular shiatsu can balance you through the seasons.

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(Information from Australian College of Shiatsu 'Seasons')