The Rising Energy of Spring time in Chinese medicine is known as the 'Tree-Phase' and is of The Wood Element. In the meridian system, our bodies have pathways that relate and activate in spring time. Liver and Gall Bladder meridians are affected from late August through to late November.

Wood element is an organising phase; it has qualities of inspiration, vision, aspiration, planning and initiative. The Tree-Phase represents the 'giving of images' and growth. Continuity will be present in our actions when the energy of wood is strong. If we tighten up too much from our schedules and organising we can become rigid, mentally driven and our inner meaning may be lacking.
The virtue of Wood Element is human kindness. Kindness and generosity renew our life with meaning; tolerance helps us to forgive those who have made us angry.

With an increase in energy, springtime is a fantastic time to move our bodies after the long dormancy of winter. Cleanse with activity as well as with juices and smoothies. Try new things and inspire our passion for living and experiencing.

A favourite pressure point (tsubo) of mine to help with all things spring is:

Liver 3:
located at the depression of where the big toes and second metatarsals meet, approximately 4cm proximal (toward the torso) of the toe webbing
Good for:
balancing Liver and Qi (energy); irritability; frustration; anger and emotional outbursts that are slow to cool down; weak digestion and alternating bowel movements (constipated/loose); toxicity of Liver from diet/lifestyle; general pain; sluggish metabolism/hormones; STRESS!
Spring can be the best time of year to receive treatment to reduce muscle aches and strain.

2 is better than 1: Catching up socially whilst exercising is a great way to meet 2 needs at once!

Happy Springing.