It is clear from various scientific studies on sleep (National Sleep Foundation; Mayo clinic; The National Sleep Research Project/abc) that there is benefit in taking a daily nap. 

The average healthy adult functions best with between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. The deepest sleep is before midnight.  

If we have restless or interrupted sleep, we start to notice it the following afternoon as our thinking and energy levels start to fade. 

Research into sleep hygiene and behaviour suggests a 20-30 minute nap before 3pm can enhance brain function, concentration and reflex time. Up to 90 minutes is healthy, although after a 30 minute sleep, you may wake feeling groggy. It is suggested not to nap too close to night time sleep as this can interfere with having a restful night of slumber.

At Body Stillness, our Sleep Pod has been created specifically so you can have a quiet moment or snooze after your treatment. It is ideal if you have some spare time to fill or if you just aren't ready to walk out the door straight away.

The Sleep Pod is visually private with a door you can close, there is a recliner with a foot stool, it has a heater, blankets, pillows, headphones and quiet sleep music playlist, or ear plugs. We also have a lovely herbal tea selection for you to enjoy. 

Try your first nap at no cost at a time that suits you.  

Click 'Book Now' and select 'Sleep-Pod'. 

We can't wait to give you a space to relax!