The CranioSacral System

The CranioSacral System.

Quoted from Upledger CST 2 study guide, p.80.

 'Each person has a craniosacral rhythm. This is caused by the increase and decrease of cerebrospinal fluid produced and reabsorbed at a regular rate within and around the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). It is palpated with the hands. 

The subtle rhythm can be felt by a practitioner trained in CranioSacral Therapy. This regular rhythm (6-12 cycles per minute) can be felt all over the body. It is similar to the rhythms that can be felt when the pulse of the heart and respiration of breathing are evaluated.  

The craniosacral rhythm, when felt in different parts of the body, can be used to diagnose asymmetry or unbalanced motion. 

When unbalanced motion is found, especially when related to the head and sacrum, it suggests to the practitioner that normal body functions may be disturbed.  

When body functions are disturbed, symptoms may develop. A practitioner in CranioSacral Therapy can usually help the body reestablish balanced motion with gentle, subtle techniques, thus assisting the body to return itself to normal function.' 

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