Sleep pod

The Body Stillness Sleep Pod has been designed for you recline, meditate or sleep; anytime you need.

Our purpose built Sleep Pod provides you with a place to retreat before or after your treatment to rest. Since so many of our clients jokingly ask to stay for a sleep after their treatment, we decided to make it possible! It is also perfect for a rest in the middle of a big work day, exams or if you are a parent in dire need of a lie down (bubs welcome). Consider it part of your mini retreat package which might be far easier than booking a whole weekend away. 

The Sleep Pod contains a recliner chair and foot stool, blankets, pillows, a heater and books. It is installed with headphones and a playlist of music written specifically for relaxation and meditation.

Your own private resting space

Your own private resting space

It is clear from some International scientific studies on sleep (National Sleep Foundation; Mayo clinic; The National Sleep Research Project/abc; American Psychological Association) that there is benefit in taking a daily nap. The average healthy adult functions best on between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. The deepest sleep is before midnight.  If we have restless or interrupted sleep, we may start to notice it the following afternoon as our thinking and energy levels begin to fade. 

Research into sleep hygiene and behaviour suggests a 20-30 minute nap before 3pm can enhance brain function, concentration and reflexes. Up to 90 minutes is healthy, although after a 30 minute sleep, you may wake feeling groggy. It is suggested not to nap too close to night time sleep as this can interfere with having a restful night.

The Sleep Pod is located at the rear of the therapy rooms, in the quietest spot, to allow for maximum privacy. Close the door and immerse in the relaxing atmosphere. Books and herbals teas provided.

Ask your therapist about the Sleep Pod and try it for your first time for FREE!
 We can't wait to share the benefits of napping with you!