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Lilly has been offering body therapy in Hobart for over 15 years.

Her early influences were from her mum- a nurse, massage therapist, and yoga teacher. Lilly began giving massage to family and friends at the age of 6.

Lilly trained in Tasmania and has been practicing Shiatsu in Hobart since 2004. She began CranioSacral Therapy (CST) training in 2011 with the Upledger Institute.
CST has inspired Lilly's assessment, diagnosis and treatment approach which is now blended with Shiatsu treatments to provide a deeper experience for clients.

In order to serve you best, she is passionate about ongoing training and regularly holds practice sessions with other therapists. Lilly has been a registered member of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA) since 2004.

Lilly's down-time includes textiles and her Love Lil scarves are available to buy at Body Stillness (


'I appreciated having the option to receive more traditional shiatsu, or craniosacral treatment. You made sure I was warm enough, and... I didn’t realise exactly how comfortable the table was until the end when I realised I hadn’t needed to move my neck at all. The treatment itself was intuitive,...your hand positioning was confident and nurturing. I felt the pressure was satisfying, and I felt confident with you working on my neck...After the treatment I felt refreshed and energised [as well as] calm and relaxed'. - Emily.

'Lilly's treatments are wonderful!!  I experience a great sense of wellbeing and relaxation after every treatment. She has an innate understanding of what I need in treatment and is always incredibly nurturing and professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her treatments are heavenly!!' - Kate.

Lilly holds a Diploma of Shiatsu; CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, CACS, CASR (totalling 288 training hours) and is mid-way through CST Techniques certification with the Upledger Institute.

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